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6th NY International

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June 19-23, 21-23, or 22-23 2013
 Sponsored by The Marshall Chess Foundation and St. John's University
 $26,500 projected-$19,500 guaranteed! 200 Grand Prix Points

Tournament site: St. John's University, Manhattan Campus (in TRIBECA): 101 Murray St., New York, NY 10007. 
Hotel information: St. John's University (on the site of the tournament); private spacious rooms (most with great city and river views), shared bathroom: $70/single, $90/double, 130/very large triple ($63/$81/117 if reserved by May 15). Free high-speed wireless internet. Contact Marshall CC for reservations. 

This year in five sectionsFIDE Norm Tournament (A), Under 2200 (B), Under 1900 (C), Under 1600 (D) and Under 1300 (E). 
(A) FIDE Norm Tournament: Open to all players rated 2200 or above (USCF or FIDE) and special invitees. 9 rounds, Swiss System, 40/90, SD/30, 30 second increment. Prizes: $12,500 unconditionally guaranteed: $5000-2500-1500-1000, U2500 FIDE $1,000, U2400 $1,000, U2300 $500, plus special brilliancy prize. Entry fee: $375 in advance, $425 on site. Players with USCF ratings over 2200 with no FIDE rating: $325 advance/$375 at site.  Players with USCF ratings over 2200 and FIDE rating U2200: $275 in advance/$325 at site. USA players with FIDE ratings over 2200: $225 in advance, $275 at site. USA IMs, USA WGMs, and foreign FIDE rated players: $175 in advance/$225 at site. GMs, foreign IMs, and foreign WGMs: free, no money deducted from prize fund. $25 less for Marshall Chess Club membersRegistration: Advance: must be received by 6/13 (call MCC with credit card, mail check, or online below). On site: One hour before round. Rounds - only one schedule for section (A): 6/19, 7 pm, 6/20-6/23: 11 am & 5 pm. Byes: limit 2, must commit before round 3; limit 1 bye rounds 8-9. FIDE IM/GM norms possible, must play all rounds. FIDE Rating used for pairings and prizes. We expect this tournament to be a Super Swiss as in the previous years with norms possible independent of opponents' federation. Last year 2 GM- and 3 IM-Norms were achieved!

All Other Sections: June 21-23 or June 22-23, 6 rounds, Swiss System, 30/90, SD/1 hour, 5 seconds delay (2-day schedule: rounds 1-2 G/30, 5 second delay). 
3-day Schedule: Rounds 6/21-23 12 & 6 pm. 2-day Schedule: Registration ends 9 am 6/22, Rounds: 6/22 9:30, 10:45 am, then merges with 3-day schedule. 

Byes: Limit 2, commit before round 3
Entry Fee: Advance: must be received by 6/20 (call MCC with credit card, 
mail check, or online below). $129 if received by 6/20, $149 on site. $50 less for U1300, $25 ($10 in U1300) less for Marshall Chess Club members. Reentry (counts half): $80 ($60 for U1300). Prizes for Sections (B) - (E) conservatively based on 175 combined entries, (E) count as half entries: (B) U2200 (FIDE and USCF rated): $1,500-800-500-200, Top U2100 $500, Top U2000 $500. No players with FIDE rating over 2200. (C) U1900: $1,500-800-500-200, Top U1800 $500, Top U1700 $500. (D) U1600: $1,500-800-500-200, Top U1500 $500, Top U1400 $500. (E) U1300: $1,000-400-200, Top U1200 $200, Top U1100 $200, Trophy for Top U1000, U900, U800 and Top unrated.

Official USCF June rating used for pairings and prizes unless FIDE or foreign rating is higher. Unofficial USCF rating may be used at discretion of tournament director if otherwise unrated. Foreign players with no USCF rating: usually 100 points added to FIDE or foreign national rating. No points added to CFC, PR or Jamaica. 
Please bring clocks, boards, and sets. Chess Magnet School JGP.

In order to make registration run smoothly, upon checkout, please indicate the player's name and/or USCF # somewhere in the SHIP TO information fields.  We will of course not be shipping anything to you, but this will help us to make sure we know precisely who is being entered into the tournament.  Thanks for your cooperation!

Section A, Fide Norm:
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Section B, U2200:
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Section D, U1600
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(Photos: Magnus Carlsen holding a simultaneous at the Marshall Chess Club, August 2012 (Credit: Gregory Keener), ; Manhattan Looking North by woo from irvine, ca, USA [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons.)