9th Annual New York International
Championship Section: June 22-26 ($9,000 in prizes!)

9-SS, 40/90, SD/30 +30. Only open to players currently rated 2000+ (USCF or FIDE). FIDE ratings used for pairings and prizes. FIDE rated. Prizes $9,000 unconditionally guaranteed! $4000-2000-1000, U2400 FIDE: $1000-500, U2300 FIDE $500. Entry Fee: $200. Players not rated USCF or FIDE over 2200: $300. GMs/Foreign IMs: Free. Local IMs: $125. $25 less for MCC members. All $50 more if received after June 15. Foreign players who play all 9 rounds receive $75. Schedule: Wed. 7pm, Thurs. – Sun. 11am & 6pm. Byes: 2 byes available, must commit before round 3; limit 1 bye in rounds 8-9. FIDE GM/IM norms possible; must play all rounds. Last year 1 norm was achieved!

U2200 Section: June 9-12 ($8,000 in prizes!)

7-SS, 40/90, SD/30 +30. Open to all players rated U2200 and unrated. No FIDE ratings over 2200. USCF Ratings used for pairings and prizes. FIDE Rated. Prizes $8,000 based on 70 paid entries. $3000-2000-1000, U1900: $1000-500, U1600: $500. Entry Fee: $200 if received by May 30; $250 in June. $25 less for MCC members. Schedules: 4-day: Thurs. 7pm, Fri. – Sun. 12:30pm & 6pm. 2-day: Sat. 9-10:10-11:20am (G/25 d5) then merge with 4-day. Byes: 2 byes available, must commit before round 3.


Playing site:In honor of the Marshall's 100-year anniversary, the NY International will be returning home to 23 W. 10th St. this year.

Registration Live updates can be found here.
Note: GM and Foreign IM entries please send us an email at admin@marshallchessclub.org.