10th Annual New York International
Championship Section: June 21-25 ($9,000 in prizes unconditionally guaranteed)

9-SS, 40/90, SD/30 +30. Only open to players currently rated 2000+ (USCF or FIDE). FIDE ratings used for pairings and prizes. FIDE rated. Prizes $9,000 unconditionally guaranteed! $4000-2000-1000, U2400 FIDE: $1000-500, U2300 FIDE $500. Entry Fee: $200. Players not rated USCF or FIDE over 2200: $300. GMs/Foreign IMs: Free. Local IMs: $125. $25 less for MCC members. All $50 more if received after June 15. Foreign players who play all 9 rounds receive $75. Last year 3 GM/IM norms were achieved!

U2200 Section: June 8-11 ($8,000 in prizes based on 70 entries)

7-SS, 40/90, SD/30 +30. Open to all players rated U2200 and unrated. No FIDE ratings over 2200. USCF Ratings used for pairings and prizes. FIDE Rated. Prizes $8,000 based on 70 paid entries. $3000-2000-1000, U1900: $1000-500, U1600: $500. Entry Fee: $200 if received by May 30; $250 in June. $25 less for MCC members. Schedules: 4-day: Thurs. 7pm, Fri. – Sun. 12:30pm & 6pm. 2-day: Sat. 9-10:10-11:20am (G/25 d5) then merge with 4-day. Byes: 2 byes available, must commit before round 3.


Playing site: In honor of the Marshall's 100-year anniversary, the NY International will be returning home to 23 W. 10th St. this year.

Registration is now open online! Limited to 70 players in each section! Register early!

Note: GM and Foreign IM entries please send us an email at admin@marshallchessclub.org.