Course Catalogue

The Marshall is now offering online college-style courses! These courses typically meet once a week on a weeknight for five sessions. They are aimed at providing students with a wide range of study options—openings, strategy, endgames, tactics, and more—that they will not find elsewhere.

If you would like to enroll in one of the courses listed the next time it is offered, please email


Calculation Class
Instructor IM Raven Sturt
A four week class geared toward improving students' calculation. 

Interesting Endgames Instructor: IM Silas Esben Lund
A four week class geared toward improving endgame play. This cycle focuses on minor pieces.

Great Games Class (Parts I, II, III)
Instructor IM Silas Esben Lund
Eight classes. Each week one game is analyzed, ranging from classics/instructional, modern/advanced, and computer games. Students will play through the game and answer eight handout questions as homework.

Pawn Structures (Parts I, II)
Instructor FM Vincent Tsay
Each part is taught over five weeks. Each week students will learn plans to combat a common pawn structure, Part I: The isolani, hanging pawns, caro-kann, & stonewall. Part II: The Slav, Carlsbad, and Grunfeld.

Positional Concepts
Instructor FM Vincent Tsay
A five week class. Each week students will learn how to put key positional concepts into practical play, including: prophylaxis, improving pieces, space advantages, and weak squares.

The Best Offense is a Good Defense
Instructor GM Nikola Nestorovic
A five week class held. Grandmaster Nestorovic, the winner of back-to-back MCC round robins, will teach students how to defend worse positions. Using examples from real games, classes will focus on: the psychology of defense, turning around a bad situation, gaining a feel for counterattack, and understanding when the moment calls for passivity.


French Defense Class
Instructor NM Benjamin Katz
Students will learn the intricacies of this divisive opening, including the Winawer, Tarrasch, Advanced, and offbeat variations, as well as how to approach them with the white pieces. 

Catalan for the Win!
Instructor FM Andrei Zaremba
Improve your positional understanding while learning to put subtle and long-term pressure on your opponents with this underrated opening.

Modern Benoni Class
Instructor NM Benjamin Katz
Students will learn one of the most aggressive ways that black can meet 1.d4. The Benoni has been played by many top players, including: Fischer, Kasparov, Gashimov, and Kramnik! 

The Slav Defense Class
Instructor FM Andrei Zaremba
Students will learn one of the most pragmatic & fighting defenses in chess. The focus will be on modern theory and middlegame ideas and plans.

Comprehensive Caro-Kann
Instructor IM Alex Ostrovskiy The goal of the class is to provide students a complete Caro-Kann repertoire with multiple suitable suggestions for all rating levels.

The Smith-Morra Gambit!
Instructor NM Benjamin Katz
Learn to crush the Sicilian with the Smith-Morra Gambit! All major variations will be covered, including the Siberian Trap, Classical main line, Chicago Variation, the declined variations, as well as what to do against the Smith-Morra if you're a Sicilian player yourself.

D4! Attacking with London & Trompowsky
Instructor IM Alex Ostrovskiy
The goal of the course is to give students a complete repertoire based on the London and Trompowsky systems. Students will learn a surprising and aggressive (but sound!) opening with 1. D4.

Play the Scotch! A 1. e4 e5 Repertoire for White
Instructor NM Ben Katz
A complete repertoire for 1. e4 e5 with white. The first three classes will focus on the Scotch game, focusing on the main lines used by Kasparov in his WCC matches with Karpov. The last two classes will address stubborn responses by black, such as the Petroff, Philidor, Latvian, and Elephant defenses.

Understanding the KID Class
Instructor IM Silas Esben Lund.
Students will learn the main setups in the classical KID, (King's Indian Defense) where black plays e7-e5 to challenge white's center: Mar Del Plata (Nc6-e7), Petrosian (Na6-c5), Old Main Line (Nd7), exchange variations, & more.