Welcome Beginners!

Are you completely new to chess and want to learn how to play? You can learn how to play here.

You know how to play but aren't sure how to notate a game for USCF-rated tournament events? Learn how here.

Signed up for your first at-club Over-the-board (OTB) tournament? Click here!

Congratulations on registering for your first event! The club is fully equipped with chess sets, chess clocks, scoresheets and pencils so you don't have to bring anything. Just be on time, or make sure to contact the club if you can't make it. No-shows will trigger a penalty fee. But more importantly, your opponent will have to sit and wait for an opponent that never shows up, and this can be very annoying. Please be considerate of your opponents!

Other things to keep in mind is that in OTB, rated events, there are basically three requirements that does not apply when you are playing your friend in your living room:

  1. Games are timed. Each player has a given amount of time to complete their game. Chess clocks are provided by the club.
  2. Players must notate their games. Scoresheets and pencils are provided.
  3. There are many rules for USCF rated events, but the main one for beginners to remember is the touch move rule. If you touch a piece, you must move that piece as long as it's legal to do so. If you move a piece and let go, the move can't be taken back, as long as it was a legal move.
If you have any questions or doubts about the rules, always stop the clock and ask the tournament director. Don't ask your opponent or players playing at the next table. Only the tournament director's ruling counts, so keep this in mind.