The Marshall Chess Academy

The Marshall Chess Club is delighted to announce the formation of The Marshall Chess Academy, a partnership with Impact Coaching Network designed to provide an intensive scholastic training program and led by their team of ICN Master coaches.

The Marshall Chess Academy will focus on high-level training for scholastic players who have reached an approximate rating of 1000 + USCF or higher. Training Sessions will run during school holidays and summer vacations.

The sessions provide a perfect combination of USCF-rated match play, group analysis, individual coaching opportunities, daily themed lectures, social play and much more.

Each participant who purchases a full week at the Marshall Chess Academy will receive a complimentary one-year Scholastic membership to the Club, a 250 dollar value. Enrollees who are already members of the club will receive a complimentary one-year extension to their current membership. (Memberships are limited to one per attendee.)

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Players will be grouped based on their appropriate level.

Approximate Daily Schedule:

Session Rates:

Approximate Session Groupings:

Academy Location:

Academy Dates (2022-2023):

Session Safety:

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